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Flexible Control Cable Construction

Conductor: Flexible Copper
Cores No.: 1/2/3/4/Multi cores
Insulation: PVC / XLPE / LSZH
Screen/Shield: Tinned Copper Wires Braid/ Tinned Copper Tape Screen/ Aluminum foil shield
Sheath: PVC
Voltage: 300v/500v & 450v/750v
Core Identification: Black With White Number. From 3 Cores, Black With White Number+Green/Yellow
Package: Iron or Wooden Drum

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Huadong Cable Group supplies the full portfolio of flexible control cable manufactured in accordance with VDE0250 standards, which includes:

YY cable (YSLY) Versatile unscreened or unshielded cable suitable for most situations where there is only light mechanical stress

CY cable (YSLCY) Multicore screened flexible cable with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETP) for electromagnetic interference free-transmission

SY cable (YSLYSY) Flexible shielded cable with galvanised steel wire braid for additional mechanical protection

LiYCY cable Screened and shielded cable for applications where moderate mechanical stress and electromagnetic screening is required

LiYY cable Unscreened and unshielded cable for light duty in dry and humid environments

LiHH cable Unscreened LSZH low capacitance control

LiHCH cable Screened LSZH data transmission cable

What are the characteristics of flexible control cable resistance?

Huadong Cable Group is a leading flexible control cable supplier. I will explain to you the performance characteristics of the flex control cable. Control flexible cables is a kind of special wire that application place are some special occasions. For example, metallurgy, power, petrochemical and other industries. Its performance characteristics are very obvious.

control flexible cables manufacturers
control flexible cables manufacturers

The first is that there is a very clear rule on the DC resistance. Because the main function of flexible control cable is to effectively control all kinds of different resistance. Therefore, the resistance data that can be passed are all stabilized. For example 0.4 mm copper flexible control wire, then the resistance can only be 148 ohms per kilometer. 0.5 mm copper control flexible cables, then the maximum can only have 95 euros per kilometer. There are very clear regulations. If you just need flex control cable, Henan Huadong Group is definitely your ideal choice. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

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Get cheap flexible control cable quotation

What are the performance characteristics of the flex control cable?

In the performance characteristics of the flexible control cable, we can also find that the insulation strength of flex control cable cable is very strong. Because the main function of control flexible cables is to control. Therefore, in terms of some protection for the current, flexible control cable is very suitable. At present, flex control cable can maintain its own stability and will keep working in various use environments. Thus, it makes everyone apply control flexible cables in a variety of different environments, all have a very good experience and effect. 

China flex control cable factory price
China flex control cable factory price

The flexible control cable is superior in insulation. We can see that each core of flex control cable is grounded together with other cores. Therefore, it can bring a very good safety guarantee, so that everyone can use it with rest assured. Are you ready to use control flexible cables? Just tell us your requirement, and Huadong will reply you as soon as possible. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com


Why Choose Us?

We have 4 cable workshops, each with a workshop area of about 10,000 square meters, 20 sets of advanced cable production equipment, 20 high-tech engineers and 150 employees. Each production process is strictly inspected by our professional engineers.

huadong flex control cable production process
Huadong flex control cable production process

Starting custom your ideal flex control cable size, the factory price will send you within 12 hours.

Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

Package & Delivery: Flexible control cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to your requirement.

Huadong flexible control cable packaging
Huadong flexible control cable packaging&delivery

Customer Case:Our flexible control cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

huadong flexible control cable customer cases
Huadong flexible control cable customer cases

Please feel free to leave your requirement. We will reply you within 12 hours.

Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

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