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Huadong 2 conductor shielded cable free samples
Huadong 2 conductor shielded cable samples

Product Detailes

Huadong discount 2 conductor shielded cable free samples

2 Conductor Control Cable Construction

Conductor: Bare copper strand
No. Of Core: 2
Insulation: PVC
Jacket Material: PVC
Jacket Color: Gray/ Black or according to your requirements
Voltage: 600V
Shield: Overall Braid Shield/ Individually Shielded/ Collective Shielded
Shield: Tinned Copper Braiding
Color Code: Black conductors with consecutive numbers, Green-yellow earth wire from 3 conductors

2 Conductor Shielded Cable Specification

2 Core CVV Control Cable
2 Core CVV-S Control Cable
2 Core CVV-SWA Control Cable

Where to buy quality guaranteed 2 conductor shielded cable?

Huadong Cable Group is a professional 2 conductor shielded cable manufacturer in the world. If you need 2 core shielded cable, then Huadong Group is definitely your ideal choice. We promise our 2 core screened cable quality is very good. Because we know the dangers of poor quality 2 wire shielded cable deeply. Double shielded cable are special commodities that are related to the safety of life and property of thousands of households. At the same time, 2 core shielded wire is a special commodity that affects almost all industries. Therefore, it is necessary to choose quality assured Huadong double shielded wire. Contact us to get your high quality 2 conductor shielded cable now.

Huadong 2 core shielded cable factory price
Huadong 2 core shielded cable factory price

The double screened cable has a wide range of uses, especially in the use of temporary lines and home decoration indoor lines are very large. If you use counterfeit two core shielded cable, it may cause a short circuit, electric shock. Even cause a fire, resulting in casualties. Choose Huadong Cable Cable, choose the best double shielded wire. Contact us now and get your 2 core shielded cable quotation.

Huadong 2 core screened cable manufacturers
Huadong 2 core screened cable manufacturers

What are the characteristics of inferior 2 core shielded cable?

Firstly, 2 conductor shielded cable length is not enough.

The main method commonly used by unscrupulous 2 core shielded cable manufacturers is to slick the length of the 2 wire shielded cable. The actual length of the twin shielded cable is less than the nominal length. And the pricing charge is performed according to the nominal length. The most typical is the rolled packaged 2 core screened cable. In the general standard, it is specified that each roll two wire shielded cable is 100 meters. The measurement error is not more than 0.5%. That is, the length of each reel 2 wire shielded cable is 100±0.5 meters. Huadong Cable Group’s 2 conductor shielded cable length is full meters according to standards or your requirement.

Huadong 2 wire shielded cable suppliers
Huadong 2 wire shielded cable suppliers

Many two core shielded wire manufacturers are blatantly marked 100±20 meters on the qualified cards. The actual length of double shielded cable is only about 80 meters, which is not in compliance with the regulations. If two core screened cable price is equivalent to every meter, it is not cheap. This kind of deception is easier to identify. One is to look at the 2 core control cable qualified card; the other is to measure the 2 core shielded wire length. If you want to buy length-reliable 2 core twisted pair shielded cable, choose Huadong Group is absolutely a right choice. Contact us now.

Huadong double shielded cable quotation
Huadong double shielded cable quotation

Secondly, 2 core screened cable resistance value doesn’t meet national standards.

2 wire shielded cable with an electrical resistance exceeding the specified value may have too high a temperature at the same current. Therefore, accelerating the aging of the outer insulation layer of double screened cable. And causing a short circuit to cause a fire. Because the electrical resistance exceeds the standard, the power consumption during the transmission process will be greatly increased. And the cost of electricity will be increased. If you choose Huadong Cable Group, you will not have to worry about the 2 conductor shielded cable resistance value. Every 2 core shielded cable undergoes rigorous inspection and testing during production. Just leave your message and tell us your requirements.

Huadong low price 2 core shielded wire
Huadong low price 2 core shielded wire

Thirdly, bad 2 wire shielded cable copper core raw materials.

The first trick is to use copper conductors. Copper conductors accounted for 80% of the cost of 2 conductor shielded cable. The bad 2 core shielded cable manufacturers first reduced the quality of copper. They use of much lower-cost impurity copper, recycled copper, and even indigenous copper smelting made the copper content extremely unstable. Resulting in a significant increase in the resistivity of copper conductors. Huadong promise you our copper raw materials are super quality. We can send 2 core shielded wire free samples if you need. Message us to tell us what kind of double screened cable do you need, and we will reply you as soon as possible. We look forward to your inquiry.

discount double screened cable free samples
discount double screened cable price

The next is to reduce the amount of copper used and to reduce the actual cross-sectional area of the 2 core screened cable copper core. The direct consequence of these two practices is that the 2 wire shielded cable is overheated during use. And damage the insulating layer plastic of double shielded cable, causing a short circuit and causing fire. You can rest assured that the copper quality and 2 core shielded wire cross section of Huadong Cable Group. Message us to know more about 2 conductor shielded cable.

China two core shielded cable free samples
two core shielded cable

Fourthly, using not qualified double shielded cable insulation materials.

Maybe irregular 2 conductor shielded cable suppliers will use not qualified plastic used in the 2 core shielded cable insulation layer. The price of recycled insulation material is low. Therefore, many 2 core screened cable manufacturers will choose it. However, the regenerated insulation material has a high impurity content, a low mechanical strength. As also as an anti-aging property and an electrical insulation property. This will directly lead to leakage of the double shielded cable. Therefore, before selecting the 2 wire shielded cable, be sure to identify the quality of the 2 core control cable. Please be sure to choose the double shielded cable from the regular 2 core shielded wire manufacturer. If you need two core shielded cable, choosing Huadong Cable Group. We will definitely not let you down.

cheap discount double shielded wire
double shielded wire

Why Choose Us?

We have 4 cable workshops, each with a workshop area of about 10,000 square meters, 20 sets of advanced cable production equipment, 20 high-tech engineers and 150 employees. Each production process is strictly inspected by our professional engineers.

huadong 2 wire shielded production process
Huadong 2 wire shielded production process

Starting custom your ideal 2 core control cable size, the factory price will send you within 12 hours.

Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

Package & Delivery: Two core screened cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to your requirement.

Huadong twin shielded cable packaging
Huadong twin shielded cable packaging&delivery

Customer Case:Our 2 core shielded cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

huadong two wire shielded cable customer cases
Huadong two wire shielded cable customer cases

Please feel free to leave your requirement. We will reply you within 12 hours.

Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

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