3 conductor shielded cable

huadong 3 conductor shielded cable sample
Huadong 3 Conductor Shielded Cable

3 Core Control Cable Specification

3 Core CVV Control Cable
3 Core CVV-S Control Cable
3 Core CVV-SWA Control Cable

Where to buy 3 conductor shielded cable?

As a professional 3 conductor shielded cable manufacturer, Huadong Cable Group brand is second to none in the cable industry. If you are going to buy 3 core shielded cable, then Huadong will be your ideal choice. Here is why you should choose our 3 wire shielded cable. First of all, we have advanced equipment, skilled technology and rich experience in the production of 3 core screened cable. In addition, we have 15 years of 3 conductor shielded wire export trade experience. With reliable and assured 3 conductor shielded cable quality and reliable customer service, Huadong Group has won the trust of our customers. There are not only many regular customers but also more and more new customers choose us. Welcome to visit our factory if it is convenient for you. And we can send 3 core shielded cable free samples to you if you need. Just leave your message. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

3 core shielded cable factory price
Huadong 3 Core Shielded Cable Factory Price

The most important thing is that we provide 3 conductor shielded cable customization service. As a leading 3 wire shielded cable supplier, we have vast experience of advising on 3 core shielded cable selection. Taking into account your specific environmental applications, if a variety of standard 3 core screened cable is not suitable for your use. Our professional technical team will be based on your cable’s specific use environment and your requirements. Discussing and developing the right 3 conductor shielded wire for you. What are you waiting for, just tell us your requirements now. And let’s start a pleasure cooperation. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

low price 3 wire shielded cable
Huadong Low Price 3 Wire Shielded Cable

What are the applications of 3 core shielded cable?

If you don’t know more about 3 wire shielded cable, I believe you will want to know the following content. I will tell you some knowledge about 3 core screened cable usage. Therefore, you can know more details about 3 wire shielded cable. The 3 conductor shielded wire’s applications are mainly transmit control command cables. We design 3 core shielded cable for DC and AC 50HZ, rated voltage 450/750V, 600/1000V and below. The 3 conductor shielded cable are suitable for remote operation, control of furnaces. As well as protection of measurement circuits in industrial and mining enterprises, modern high-rise buildings.

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Huadong 3 Core Screened Cable

3 core screened cable functions as a connection line between various electrical instrumentation and automation instrumentation devices. 3 wire shielded cable serve to transmit various instrumentation signals and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. In summary, these are the basic applications of the 3 conductor shielded cable. If it suits your needs, please contact us to get your quotation. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

3 conductor shielded wire quotation
Huhadong 3 Conductor Shielded Wire

3 conductor shielded cable refer to materials used for power, communications, and related transmission purposes. In addition, 3 core shielded cable with armored should not be less than 12 times the cable’s outer diameter. The general purpose of 3 core shielded cable is to connect the control cabinet. We divide 3 wire shielded cable into the following categories by performance category. General 3 core shielded cable, flame-retardant 3 wire shielded cable, fire-resistant, low-smoke, low-halogen, low-smoke, halogen-free. As well as high-flame-retardant, temperature-resistant, cold-resistant 3 conductor shielded cable, etc. What kind of 3 core screened cable do you need? Just feel free to contact us and we will manufacture it for you. Whether it is 3 conductor shielded cable quality or 3 core shielded cable price, Huadong will not let you down. Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

3 conductor shielded cable manufacturers
3 conductor shielded cable manufacturers

Why Choose Us?

We have 4 cable workshops, each with a workshop area of about 10,000 square meters, 20 sets of advanced cable production equipment, 20 high-tech engineers and 150 employees. Each production process is strictly inspected by our professional engineers.

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Starting custom your ideal 3 wire shielded cable size, the factory price will send you within 12 hours.

Email: sales@huadongcontrolcable.com

Package & Delivery: 3 conductor shielded cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to your requirement.

Huadong 3 conductor shielded cable packaging
Huadong 3 Conductor Shielded Cable Packaging&Delivery

Customer Case:Our 3 core shielded cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries and etc.

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Please feel free to leave your requirement. We will reply you within 12 hours.

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